Author: Jessica Rousseau

Purple Squirrels: What They Are and Where to Find Them

Purple Squirrels: What They Are and Where to Find Them Purple squirrels are changing the game in IT and digital innovation—but what are they, and how do you find one? Purple squirrels: A term used by Curate Partners to describe a person with just the right mix of experience, training, skills, and passion to succeed in today's dynamic environment. They stand out from the sea... Read more »

5 Things to Consider When Hiring Contractors

5 Things to Consider When Hiring Contractors Your company is expanding. Business is good, and you need more people on staff to help with the demand. That’s great news! So, you’re looking to hire new employees—and during the Great Resignation, no less. But are full-time hires the way to go? According to the Wall Street Journal, people are quitting full-time jobs. While... Read more »

Hiring at Scale, Amid the Great Resignation

Hiring At Scale, Curate Partners Insights

A year ago this month, Anthony Klotz, a psychologist and professor of business administration at Texas A&M University, coined a now-famous phrase: He said “the great resignation is coming,” and that was that—or so we thought. A lot has happened in a year. According to CNN, 47.4 million jobs were left voluntarily last year—an admittedly… Read more »

Curate Partners named a 2022 Best Places to Work Honoree

Best Place to Work, Curate Partners

BOSTON (April, 2022) — The Boston Business Journal has named Curate Partners to its 2022 Best Places to Work — the BBJ’s exclusive ranking of the Massachusetts companies that have built outstanding work environments for their people. The 80 companies honored in 2022 range in size and industry, with winners from the technology sector, retail… Read more »