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SIA’s Best Staffing Firm to Work For Grand Prize Winner

SIA’s Best Staffing Firm to Work For Grand Prize Winner-hero

Curate Partners has been named as a Grand Prize Winner, Best Staffing Company to Work For 2020. The Best Staffing Firms to Work For awards are given annually by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions, and recognize employers for their top performance in engaging their employees and creating a… Read more »

How to make the Great Resignation your Hiring Opportunity

Group of people sitting on couch pointing at laptop screen The Great Resignation of 2021 is happening, and companies are paying attention: 1 in 4 tech employees are likely to quit between August and December of 2021. While tech and knowledge workers are accustomed to the ebbs and flows of the job market, they’re also in an environment deeply changed by COVID-19. And perhaps feelings... Read more »

Why your Hires “Ghost” and How to Stop it.

Man sitting in coffee shop with laptop We’ve all experienced it: you’re talking with someone, there’s a connection… and then they disappear. Ghosting is when someone abruptly stops engaging in dialogue, especially during an important process. While the term originates from online dating, it’s also become a hiring problem. Employers used to be more guilty of ghosting when they’d fail to follow... Read more »

Purple Squirrel Promotions

Purple Squirrel promotions We are proud to congratulate this amazing group of people. Throughout their journey, they have proven to be invaluable contributors to Curates’ success in more ways than one. Each of them embody our core values, take pride in their work, are always willing to go the extra mile for their teammates/customers and have achieved so... Read more »

How we’re developing the next generation through education

Young people in classroom setting How can organizations and communities develop happy, productive employees? By starting with the next generation and empowering young people to learn essential skills, mindsets, and behaviors they’ll need to become successful adults. At Curate Partners, we believe in granting the opportunity for students to learn these types of skills early. We believe that businesses play... Read more »

What inclusivity means for us—and for you

Diverse group of people in conference room Many organizations today talk about the concept of inclusivity as part of their diversity initiatives. But what does inclusivity actually mean at work? And why is it important to the staffing industry? When we talk about inclusivity at Curate Partners, we’re talking about creating an environment where everyone feels supported to do their best work... Read more »

Nathaniel White Promoted to Recruiting Manager

Nathaniel White Promoted to Recruiting Manager-hero

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Nathaniel White to Recruiting Manager at Curate Partners. Nathaniel has been with us for several years and has proven to be an invaluable team member during that time. He not only has extensive experience in recruiting, he also understands what it takes to manage people. In his previous role,… Read more »

Wealth Tech SaaS Startup

Person typing credit card info into laptop

Building a successful startup is no small task — especially when you’re on a deadline. A wealth tech software-as-a-service (SaaS) company had a multi-million dollar customer contract opportunity on their hands. The problem? Their small workforce couldn’t possibly stick to the aggressive implementation schedule required. With high stakes, little time, and bandwidths already stretched thin,… Read more »

Curate Partners Ranks 3rd Fastest Growing US-Staffing Firm

Curate Partners Ranks 3rd Fastest Growing US-Staffing Firm Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions, has announced the 2020 List of Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms. This year 75 companies qualified for inclusion on the annual list. The list ranks firms by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for staffing revenue from 2015 through 2019, excluding acquisitions.To qualify for the... Read more »