Payment Integrity

With our white glove services spanning from decision to deployment, we offer a vetted implementation methodology, a holistic understanding of cross-functional implications, access to high-demand talent, a robust rapid deployment infrastructure, and over 20 years of expertise in healthcare and Payment Integrity.

Payment Integrity Roadmap to Success

Payment Intrgrity - Organizational Assessment
Organizational Assessment
Payment Integrity Capabilities Assessment
Capability Assessment
Payment Integrity - Operational Asessment
Operational Assessment

Services to Support you Throughout the Journey

This roadmap offers a holistic approach to your payment integrity office implementation. It covers strategic planning with a focus on procurement, roadmap development, and leadership support. The execution phase encompasses health plan data handling, analytics expertise, and operational metric enhancement. We address staff augmentation considerations across various roles and achieving impactful results through measuring medical expense impact, effective operations management, financial alignment, and reducing provider abrasion.





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