SucCess Stories

Banking & Financial Services Company

  • The Challenge

    One of the world’s largest banking and financial services companies had amassed 13 boutique asset management companies over the course of time. For reasons of scale and cost efficiencies the organization decided to integrate and merge 3 of those 13 companies.

    Since each of these boutiques had different headquarters, we were retained to find a Chief Technology Officer who could lead the integration of the platforms for the operating companies.

    The ideal candidate for this position needed to have industry-specific knowledge around asset management and front-end trading systems as well as carry a strong technical background. With the merger underway they were under very tight time frames and deadlines; therefore, filling the CTO role was crucial in keeping the transition smooth and forward-moving.

  • Our Solution

    Through our network and recruiting methodologies, we sourced 10 candidates for this role. All candidates had the requisite experience of a strong technical background, coupled with expert knowledge of both asset management and front office systems. The client screened 8 candidates and proceeded to bring in 2 for on-site interviews. From there, one offer was made and accepted. The successful candidate started within 7 weeks after the inception of the search and has been successfully leading the system integration for this client.

What our clients say

“I didn’t want to mess around, so I reached out to my friends at Curate. It took them 2 or 3 days to get back to me, but they came back with the perfect resume. I met with that person. It saved me a lot of time and effort because I didn’t have to do the job of recruiter.”

- Chief Technology Officer