SucCess Stories

Small Technology Company

A small technology client came to Curate Partners with concerns about how the pandemic would impact their revenue. To help their business stay afloat during the decline and to reduce wasted time and funds, we began a partnership to help make their company more agile.

  • The Challenge

    Our client was facing internal challenges as well. They were dealing with:

    • 38% overhead costs
    • Chronic late delivery with no schedules or budgets achieved
    • Low Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (CSAT/NPS)
    • High turnover in the development teams

    They were trying to adapt to the market, but it was slow and difficult. Pockets of management were still resistant to change, and while the client had attempted an Agile transformation twice in the past, they were not successful in full-scale Agile Implementation. They sought to understand whether Agile could be successful in their environment and what changes they would need to make to succeed this time.

  • The Solution

    “We offered a full range of services for the transformation,” says Curate Partners’ Agile Practice Lead, Richard Lovell. “Before they had hired internally but failed to gain traction.”

    The Curate transformation team interviewed coaches, scrum masters, members of the scrum team (developers, product owners, etc.), stakeholders on the business side, and executive management and even attended scrum meetings to observe.

    Curate reviewed the whole development environment and published an opinion on the maturity of the Agile practices, covering the culture, team interactions, and management system. Our performance assessment led to our recommendations.

    Additionally, through our Agile Jump Start program, we fully integrated with the client’s team rather than simply consulting from the sidelines. We defined goals and milestones for the client and the Curate Agile team. We offered an evolving Agile strategy that fit in with the client’s culture and capacity to execute, along with a customized roadmap to provide future direction.

The Results


C-Suite Buy-in

Several C-level executives jumped on board and changed the process and organization. Leading from the top set an example for the employees throughout the organization, leading to higher adoption rates.


Successful Agile Implementation

our client was able to: Increase productivity, reduce projected overhead costs in the direction of 5-6% and release product faster, resulting in a quicker ROI, more funding to upskill teams, and better customer feedback loops.


Better Customer Ratings

Their product is now more focused on the customer needs and experience, leading to higher CSAT/NPS ratings.


Overall Team Improvements

Developer retention has increased. And they now deliver on a bi-weekly cadence and meet the predicted budgets.


Set up for long-term success

Curate Partners presented a roadmap, including a playbook that explained the framework. This framework will enable them to continue implementing Agile long beyond our partnership, ensuring continued and evolving success.

What our clients say

“To Curate’s Consultant: I would like to personally thank YOU for your leadership, steady hand, and calming presence in turning this project around. It has been a sincere pleasure to work with you, and a great benefit to me, the Delivery Excellence organization, and to the company, not to mention the Customer. Thank you.”

- Delivery Excellence Practice Manager