SucCess Stories

Online Drugstore & Pharmacy

  • The Challenge

    A large online drugstore and pharmacy began a journey to transform healthcare and retail pharmacies by leveraging digital technologies and channels. In efforts to help their customers on a path to better health and to alleviate the obstacles of pharmacy care, they started looking at a way to streamline the traditional IT projects.

    The goal was to create a place where they could pilot and prioritize projects by streamlining their ability to go to market faster in efforts to increase their ROI. They quickly realized that a task this extensive would require a large team to see it through. Also recognized was the need for exceptional talent due to the vastness and cadence of the project’s expectations.

  • Our Solution

    With Curate’s help, we supplied the client with 18 skilled contractors to deliver digital analytics, optimization, personalization and CX solutions, data analytics and much more. The team curated an ideation incubator for large fortune 20 health companies to get their best projects to market. Therefore, the impact of talent was illustrated company-wide from the top down.

The Results


Generated Customers & Retained Existing

Throughout the projects lifecycle, the client continued to launch customer focused applications and operations that generated new customers and retained their existing.


Gather Valuable Information

With the translated data analytics and accelerated development process, the leadership team was able to gather valuable information that was used as a decision driver for large business initiatives.

What our clients say

“Makes it easier on my managers and on my staff when we bring someone in who can do work in a complex environment. I’m not hiring Curate to copy/paste. I need strong people who can lead a team sometimes. That’s the business benefit of getting people from Curate.”

- Director, IT Business Analysis