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Wealth Tech SaaS Startup

Building a successful startup is no small task — especially when you’re on a deadline. A wealth tech software-as-a-service (SaaS) company had a multi-million dollar customer contract opportunity on their hands. The problem? Their small workforce couldn’t possibly stick to the aggressive implementation schedule required. With high stakes, little time, and bandwidths already stretched thin, they turned to Curate Partners for change management help.

In this case study, we’ll show you how our knowledge of how to hire and recruit people at scale helped:

  • Double the wealth tech startup team’s size with top candidates in under eight months.
  • Set the company up for long-term success with a strong culture.
  • Got them on track towards a $1 billion unicorn valuation.
  • The Challenge

    The Challenge Spun out of a 40-year-old parent company, a Boston-based wealth tech startup was revolutionizing how enterprises managed finances. With an incoming contract valued at over $100 million annually over a 20-year period, this startup’s future was looking bright. But with great opportunities often come great challenges. At the time, the startup’s SaaS platform could support 1,800 financial advisors; it had to support 16,000 more users in 18 months to accommodate their new customer. If they could achieve this, the startup would secure a $10 million monthly retainer — a substantial increase over the $4 million monthly retainer during implementation. With only 200 employees, the wealth tech startup could not scale its software infrastructure quickly enough to secure the new monthly retainer. It required 100 to 200 more employees to get the job done. Considering that Boston has a near-zero percent unemployment rate for its IT workforce, this feat felt impossible. Fortunately, Curate Partners was here to help.

  • The Solution

    We interviewed the SaaS startup’s key stakeholders to understand their operations and needs. We then evaluated how these insights aligned with the tech labor market’s current constraints. It was clear that this startup needed a more opportunistic approach to hiring. Besides permanent employees, we worked with our client to also consider contract and contract-for-hire team members. This let us connect them with more promising candidates who could add instant value. Our wealth tech client’s hiring procedure originally took at least two weeks and required four team members to conduct three in-person interviews. We optimized this into a one-week process with only one phone screening and one in-person interview. To ensure each candidate was of the highest caliber, we personally met with 80 to 90 percent of applicants over coffee. These efforts paid off. Our SaaS client onboarded 208 team members from our pool of 400 recommended candidates, thus adhering to one of Curate Partners’ core quality assurance principles: For every two candidates interviewed, our client would want to hire at least one. 22% of the new contract consultants have become permanent employees, and 94% of the startup’s hiring managers said they would hire the same candidate again. Not bad for the competitive job market in Boston! To set our wealth tech client up for long-term success, we educated their hiring managers on current best practices and implemented a new onboarding process to keep up with the rapid-fire pace of hiring. This ensured that each cohort of new team members understood our client’s company culture and was ready to hit the ground running.

  • The Outcome

    In just eight months, Curate Partners quickly scaled our SaaS client’s team with exceptional people who embraced their culture. As a result, this startup successfully met critical implementation deadlines.

    Thanks to Curate Partners’ unique methodology for hiring and recruiting top talent at scale, our wealth tech SaaS client is on schedule to meet all implementation objectives for their new customer. A return of $2 billion from the initial $20 million investment proves that this partnership was well worth it — that’s an increase of 10,000%. With Curate Partners by their side, this startup is on track towards attaining unprecedented profitability and unicorn valuation.

The Results


World-Class Workforce Ready to Reach New Heights

Doubled our startup client’s team size with 208 team members:

  • 134 contractors
  • 74 permanent hires

Talent provided includes high-level leadership and top engineering talent:

  • C-Level: Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Product Officer (CPO), Chief People Officer (CPO)
  • Project Management: Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Writers, Program Managers
  • Engineering: Front-End Developers, System Architects, Mobile Developers, Automation Engineers
  • Product: Product Managers, UX Designers, UI Designers


Foundation for Strong Company Culture


On-Track Towards Unicorn Valuation

  • Our client met their critical MVP deadline.
  • While they spent $20 million on hiring, they’re on track to earn $2 billion more in revenue.

What our clients say

“To Curate’s Consultant: I would like to personally thank YOU for your leadership, steady hand, and calming presence in turning this project around. It has been a sincere pleasure to work with you, and a great benefit to me, the Delivery Excellence organization, and to the company, not to mention the Customer. Thank you.”

- Delivery Excellence Practice Manager