Taylor Shea

Senior Account Executive

Taylor Shea | Senior Account Executive | Boston, MA

With a dedicated tenure of six years at Curate, Taylor has been instrumental in cultivating strategic partnerships with industry leaders within the realm of Data & Analytics, Digital Strategy, CX, and Healthcare Transformation demonstrating a commitment to driving impactful outcomes through people-powered decision-making. Her collaborative approach is exemplified by her emphasis on teamwork and a steadfast dedication to fostering internal synergies for achieving collective success.

Taylor’s track record of achievements primarily lies within the dynamic landscape of the HealthTech and Software Industries. Her specialization revolves around discerning the transformative potential of data in enhancing the well-being of patients, members, and customers. She is deeply invested in contributing to the enhancement of human lives through insightful data-driven solutions.

Specializing in harnessing the potential of data to enhance the well-being of patients, members, and customers, Taylor is deeply passionate about contributing to the advancement of human lives. Her multifaceted expertise, collaborative ethos, and leadership credentials underscore her capability to drive success in the HealthTech domain.

Educational Background + Professional Development:

  • Taylor received her Bachelors in Psychology and Business from St. Michael’s College in Vermont
  • Completed leadership programs at Harvard Extension School