Teresa McCalla

Senior Account Executive

Teresa McCalla | Senior Account Executive | Curate Partners, Reston, VA

Teresa McCalla, a seasoned Senior Account Executive at Curate Partners, brings seven years of industry expertise, with three years in leadership. Specializing in driving significant business growth, Teresa excels in executing sales and delivery strategies, securing new opportunities, and fortifying key client relationships. Her hands-on approach aligns client needs with innovative solutions, contributing to organizational success.

Known for her customer-centricity and effective communication, Teresa thrives in diverse industries, including Fintech, Healthcare, Energy, Technology, Edtech, and Hospitality. Her versatility and adaptability make her a standout leader and advocate for innovation.

Education, Professional Development + Volunteering:

Teresa holds a degree in Cinematography and Film Production, from George Mason University. Eagerly embracing opportunities for continuous growth, she serves as the Membership Vice Chair at Women in Technology – Washington, DC, and partners with WINGS for Growth, a nonprofit education org, showcasing her dedication to community engagement and mentorship.