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Position Summary: DAM Administrator
The DAM Administrator will operationally / functionally maintain and promote our enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. They will be the lead in areas of system use and stakeholder support. Understanding marketing / business processes and procedures, stakeholder communications, metadata creation and consistency, training and new user configuration, and support. This lead will be responsible for creating / proposing, managing, mentoring, reviewing, sharing, and enforcing best practices in collaboration with our business users performing the physical file uploads, asset management and adding metadata to the system.

The DAM Administrator will work closely with all stakeholders and users to ensure all asset source files are submitted to the DAM with accurate metadata and using best practices and meeting the agreed upon client governance process. The admin will work with the business stakeholders to devise new and continuously enhance operational processes to allow for the successful operation and expansion of the enterprise platform. 

The DAM Administrator will also work closely with the stakeholders, ET technical team for escalation of issues or when key decisions about system functionality and/or policies or processes need to be created or modified.

Key responsibilities:

  • Provide ongoing training for various business teams and users as needed to submit assets efficiently and effectively for use in the system. For many new users, this is one of the first challenges they encounter. Our Administrator will create and provide as needed, training sessions for the users. This may include the use of all our online support resources along with Acquia Widen University self-guided coursework to support any assets management, use and ongoing expansion.
  • Directly support our DAM users with any challenge they are having with the use of the DAM. Including access, roles configuration, reporting, uploads, asset and metadata editing. 
  • Create, communicate, and help enforce processes and procedures to properly set user roles and permissions to accomplish the needed business processes. 
  • Track DAM usage / performance, gather user feedback on a quarterly basis to continue to improve the system, processes, and training. Performance can be tracked by using the built-in Insights analytics and reporting tools as well as with Google Analytics. They are always available and deliver instant actionable information on usage and asset performance. Admin must be experienced in leveraging the DAMs reporting and analytics tools. Provide quarterly report to ET Tech and Digital product lead team and business users.
  • Create and support “best practices” to improve the system, various processes, service levels, and communication opportunities. This includes the ease of searching, user experience, identifying any bottlenecks for general users, etc. Collect requirements for new functionality and work with Enterprise Technology team and our vendor to suggest capabilities to maximize our DAM platforms investment and its use. 
  • Create and maintain supporting documentation for the system, policies, notifications, and training sessions. Attend and keep current with the DAM platform, its functionality as it grows, maintaining detailed up-to-date SME knowledge of the capabilities of the platform. Participate in the Acquia Widen DAM user group to bring community knowledge, learnings and best practices to our client.
  • Work closely with all users / business stakeholders to ensure consistency in file uploads, metadata, policies, and procedures. Understand the integrated DAM dependent applications operational functionality and monitor DAM use to facilitate the best practice data use in their operation. Includes; mission critical PDF document cataloging and distribution applications, asset use in client digital properties, and 3rd party client applications automatically integrated with the DAM. 


  • Ability to work with business stakeholders, DAM users and digital product leads across the enterprise to understand their DAM requirements to add new functionality, new integrations and enhance current functionality / business scenarios. Assist with; documenting requirements, communication to ET SMEs and vendor as needed to assist in the creation and implementation of enhance DAM operation 
  • Rapidly gain experience with client business DAM related workflows, basic design/production knowledge of various client file types – Very important for someone to know internally to be familiar with so they can understand how a change in configurations in the DAM would be most beneficial and suggest other best practices optimizations. 
  • Experience with overall digital asset management and in our Acquia Widen DAM, ability to search and report on assets based on metadata and other DAM attributes. Provide users with data and reports if needed, train users on being able to self-service their own data as well.
  • Experience using and implementing best practices for structured thesauri or taxonomy to catalog visual assets – The more someone understands how things should be organized, the better they will be supported by the DAM advanced organization and workflows. Be able to understand business needs and collaborate with the business users to design and implement the metadata, taxonomy to meet the business needs.
  • Skilled data entry with a high degree of accuracy – This requirement targets the application of metadata to assets, which is what drives the system’s performance. The better the quality of metadata, the better the experience for all users. The DAM administrator will propose, guide, and enforce best practices for developing and using metadata structures across our users. This includes the ability to work with bulk metadata exports, updates, and validation. 
  • Skilled use of the DAMs metadata control mechanisms. The DAM platform provides control over the accuracy of metadata entry using Controlled Vocabulary metadata fields. This feature presents the user with a friendly, familiar search and find experience, allowing them to narrow their results based on customizable filters. Using controlled metadata also keeps the data entry consistent across all assets.
  • Thorough understanding of and the ability to establish and enforce standards – These are set up and enforced via the flexible governance model within the DAM, generally referred to as Roles and Permissions. The establishment of standards will be something that our admin will need to be active in. Once established, adaptations can be easily made by the admin.
  • Highly organized, results oriented, schedule driven, and have excellent written and oral communication skills – The best DAM administrator will be someone who loves to keep things organized and is able to communicate that benefit to others.
  • The ability to work effectively with people face to face and virtually to identify user / stakeholder needs, training requirements, support needs. Differences between system technical challenges, new features / enhancements, or configuration needs.
  • Thorough understanding and hands on use of Digital asset management platforms, Acquia Widen DAM strongly preferred.
  • 3 Plus years’ experience in administering Digital asset management capabilities for an enterprise.
  • Successful direct / hands on experience supporting stakeholders and users of digital asset management platforms, at all levels.
  • Expert at defining and designing metadata, DAM configurations and DAM based solutions to successfully meet multiple enterprise business teams with varied processes and operational needs.
  • Successful experience in being an enterprise advocate for the use of new systems and technology, working with multiple business users, teams and departments.
  • Preferred background: Library Science, Archive Management, Communications or Information systems, marketing asset management, database administration, creative asset development / management


  • Bachelors Degree: Required 
  • Certificates, Licenses, and Registrations Required: NONE

Other Experience Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – Computer and Software Skills: 

  • Outlook – Advanced 
  • Word – Advanced
  • Excel – Intermediate
  • PowerPoint – Intermediate
  • Data Bases – Intermediate
  • Applications – Intermediate
  • Graphics – Intermediate
  • Desktop Publishing – Basic
  • Presentations – Intermediate
  • Visio / Miro – Intermediate 
  • Acquia / Widen DAM – Advanced


  • Vision
  • Understanding others
  • Sitting 75% of the time
  • Computer use 100% of the time
  • Telephone Contact 75% of the time (Web ex, Zoom, Teams) 

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