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From Start-Up to Scale-Up: Supporting Your Payment Integrity Journey

We are dedicated to building, optimizing, and accelerating payment integrity solutions. Whether you need help standing up a Payment Integrity Office (PIO) from scratch, pushing your program to the next level, or are looking for skilled contractors to augment your staff, our team of industry experts can meet you where you are.

How We Work With Health Plans:


We collaborate seamlessly with your current resources and vendor partners to assist in strategic decision-making and project advancement. Our methodology involves championing your plan, remaining vendor-neutral, and ensuring cost-effectiveness to accelerate your end-to-end payment integrity program.
Payment Integrity Consultant


We’re here to assist you in building your payment integrity organization by facilitating the recruitment of skilled individuals to occupy pivotal positions necessary to successfully implement, expand, and operationalize your Payment Integrity Office (PIO).
  • Payment Integrity Subject Matter Expert (SME)​
  • Program Manager​
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Vendor Management
  • Payment Integrity Business Leader​
  • Overpayments Manager​
  • Recoveries Manager​
  • Sr. Healthcare Analyst
  • Healthcare Analyst
  • Auditor
  • Claims Adjusters
  • Eligibility & Third-Party Liability
  • Data Scientist​
  • Product Data Scientist​
  • Data Engineer​
  • Analytics Consultant​
  • Solutions Lead​
  • IT Project Manager​
  • Enterprise Architect​
  • Sr. Data Architect​
  • Data Integration Engineer​
  • SIU Investigator
  • Sr. SIU Investigator
  • SIU Manager
  • SIU Director


Data and analytics are the foundation of any successful Payment Integrity program. We provide expertise in managing health plan data, implementing robust data architecture, and utilizing analytics and business intelligence tools for comprehensive insights.

Data & Analytics Strategy

Platform Enablement

Advanced Analytics Acceleration

Data Product Delivery

BI Modernization & Visualization

Adoption with Data Marketplace

VP of Healthcare Consulting at Curate Partners
Chad Roswick, VP Healthcare Consulting

As the Payment Integrity Practice Leader, Chad’s expertise helps implementation teams:​

  • Conceptualize & operationalize execution (A-Z)​
  • Guide the process during unexpected complexities​
  • Reach timed milestones despite shifting priorities ​
  • Smoothly navigate cross-functional initiatives​

All while ensuring an accurate implementation improves your customers systems, processes, and creates lasting bottom-line results. ​With 20+ years experience in financial analysis and Healthcare PI solutions, plan administrators, and care providers, Chad’s 360-degree perspective of the industry’s inherent challenges has given him a unique ability to quickly identify issues, develop remediation plans, and improve outcomes.

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Elevate Your Operational Efficiency Journey

If you’re looking to implement a sustainable, profitable payment integrity mindset, feel free to reach out to us to explore how we can support your endeavors.

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