Our Commitment to you.

As a job seeker, you want to know that you’re applying to the best opportunities available. And as a hiring manager, you want to know that you’re getting access to the best candidates, and that everyone feels welcome to apply.

For far too long, hiring was about filling “roles” rather than hiring people.

But today, the way organizations hire is changing. Now more than ever, it’s critical to make hiring more human: accessible, inclusive, and personal.

At Curate Partners, people are at the center of everything we do. We believe that:

Diversity & Inclusion Program

The Diversity and Inclusion Program is a series of initiatives and partnerships with the goal of connecting applicants from all walks of life with great IT opportunities. We believe that a successful program relies on the pillars (1) accessibility, (2) training, (3) education, and (4) inclusivity. And we also know that these efforts will improve the experience of our own employees and applicants as we tackle the problems impacting our clients, consultants, employees; and the world.

Improving access to IT job opportunities is a critical first step in creating a stronger workforce. We’re investing heavily into community partnerships to build relationships create training programs, and facilitate networks that will connect great candidates from diverse and/or underrepresented backgrounds with the right organizations in ways.

Curate Partners also works with hiring organizations and their hiring managers to offer roles to a wider network of people, beyond posting to the traditional job sites. We’re engaging different communities by participating in networking events, panel discussions on diversity and inclusion efforts, and by approaching diverse audiences from both the candidate and hiring manager perspectives. We’re also challenging companies to expand upon their previous methods and explore innovative ways of getting their opportunities out to the public.

[What it means for you]: All candidates will get better opportunities to apply to roles. And for hiring managers, this means better access to qualified candidates.

We work with colleges, universities and other organizations to educate students and alums in skills that are required to be successful in today’s environment. These include best practices for virtual interviewing, LinkedIn profiles, networking, working from home, and much more. We also work with local organizations that provide industry-specific skills such as software development and information security.


[What it means for you]: In the future, our goal is to launch training programs aimed at candidates with diverse backgrounds, skills, experience, and passions. Hiring managers can be confident that our candidates will add value to their organizations and bring the right skills.

Beyond practical training, we host a series of forums and discussions with candidates, clients and the broader community in order to better understand and alleviate common challenges that underrepresented communities may face. Recent conversations have included managing workplace bias, gender diversity and inclusion in sales, conducting successful onboarding, and lots more.


[What it means for you]: We’re building trust with employees, candidates and hiring managers by investing in diversity education content that’s timely, relevant, and elicits positive change. And we’re continuously working with our own employees to ensure that everyone at Curate Partners is educated on the issues and feels empowered to voice and address any challenges.

At Curate Partners, we’ve always cared about inclusivity and our local communities. Our Curate Cares social responsibility program is just one example of how we intentionally create opportunities for people of all walks of life to contribute to a higher cause, together. We believe that inclusivity—or valuing every candidate for who they are and what they offer to the team—is a critical practice of successful companies today.


We support organizations that train and mentor students and underrepresented candidates, such as Girls Who Code, Workers Without Limits, D&I Hacker X, Dress for Success, YearUp and others. As we build our D&I programming, we look forward to conducting workshops on how to prioritize inclusivity at work, as well as inclusivity-themed programs for students.

We also cultivate inclusivity in our own workplace with the rollout of our Employee Resource Groups, where people can discuss commonalities and challenges that they face in their roles and their lives. All of our new employees are paired with internal mentors for guidance and support, building the new employees’ comfort and confidence, and creating a safe, collaborative environment at work.

[What it means for you]: For hiring managers, our emphasis on inclusivity will encourage diverse candidates to apply to roles. And candidates and employees can feel comfortable knowing that we work with organizations that care about people and prioritize their well-being.


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Diversity & Inclusion