Category: Diversity & Inclusion

The importance of respect, inclusion, and transparency in the workplace

The importance of respect, inclusion, and transparency in staffing In the U.S., more than two in five (45.5%) of LGBTQ+ employees said they had experienced unfair treatment at work, including being fired, not hired, or harassed because of their sexual orientation at some point in their lives—and nearly a third reported experiencing this within the past five years.  In a June 2022 survey by... Read more »

How we’re developing the next generation through education

Young people in classroom setting How can organizations and communities develop happy, productive employees? By starting with the next generation and empowering young people to learn essential skills, mindsets, and behaviors they’ll need to become successful adults. At Curate Partners, we believe in granting the opportunity for students to learn these types of skills early. We believe that businesses play... Read more »

What inclusivity means for us—and for you

Diverse group of people in conference room Many organizations today talk about the concept of inclusivity as part of their diversity initiatives. But what does inclusivity actually mean at work? And why is it important to the staffing industry? When we talk about inclusivity at Curate Partners, we’re talking about creating an environment where everyone feels supported to do their best work... Read more »