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At Curate Partners, we understand that the heart of every successful project lies in its people. We specialize in identifying and delivering high-performing professionals who are not just skilled but also a perfect fit for your organizational culture and needs. Our talent services are designed to power your success with the right expertise at the right time.


We provide data analysts who excel in turning data into insights. Their expertise in statistical analysis, data interpretation, and reporting is key to driving informed business decisions.
Our BI Analysts are adept in business intelligence tools and methodologies. They help you understand market trends, customer behaviors, and operational efficiencies, transforming raw data into strategic business intelligence.
With our data scientists, you get more than just analysts; you gain predictors and innovators. They use machine learning, predictive modeling, and other advanced techniques to unveil trends and opportunities that keep you ahead of the curve.
These professionals help you decode the digital footprint of your customers. By analyzing website traffic and user behavior, they provide insights to optimize your web presence and digital marketing strategies.
Our data engineers are the architects of your data infrastructure. They build and maintain robust data pipelines, ensuring the availability, integrity, and scalability of your data ecosystem.
These experts are pivotal in implementing agile methodologies in your projects. They ensure that your teams are productive, collaborative, and aligned with your project goals.
Our UX designers and engineers craft user experiences that are not just functional but also delightful. They focus on user-centric designs that enhance engagement and satisfaction.
These professionals are your strategic planners and visionaries. They oversee the development of products from conception to launch, ensuring alignment with business objectives and market needs.
Our product owners are the liaisons between your business goals and your development teams. They prioritize features, define product roadmaps, and ensure that your products deliver value to the users.
Specializing in customer journey mapping and experience design, these experts help you build strong relationships with your customers, turning satisfaction into loyalty.
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Specialized in guiding and implementing strategic changes to optimize healthcare delivery, technology adoption, and overall system improvement.

Digital Strategy

Experience formulating and executing comprehensive plans to leverage digital technologies for organizational growth, innovation, and competitive advantage.

Data Analytics

Navigates the strategic landscape, focusing on treating data as a valuable product to drive insights, innovation, and informed decision-making within organizations.

Cloud and AI/ML

Seamless integration and maximizing the benefits of cloud technologies and AI/ML solutions to enhance organizational efficiency and innovation.

Payment Integrity

Expertise in helping PIO implementation teams with end-to-end execution, guidance through complexities, maintain timelines, and navigate cross-functional initiatives effectively.

Product Maturity

Improve product maturity through external consulting, focusing on decision-making frameworks, skills assessment, roadmaps, strategic use of APIs, and training programs.


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