Technology leaders have been successfully adopting a flexible work model to close the skills gap.

Now more than ever, the need to continue to push digital solutions and advancements in healthcare and other related industries is evident. Tech roles have been the fastest growing profession on the market due to the rising interest and need for newest tech trends / processes. As most know, this has led to an increase in demand for specialized tech skills which means companies are experiencing a shortage of tech talent to keep apace with the rising need for innovation in an uncertain world. So what are digital leaders doing to stay competitive in the talent market?

Advanced organizations are starting to tap into the gig economy (as known as contractors, freelance, contract-to-hire) to access a broader talent pool who meet the needs of their specialty business initiatives.

While the world undergoes new government regulations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, employers that are progressing are finding relief through hiring remote workers within the “gig” economy. These highly skilled candidates are more mobile, flexible, accessible and also carry the expertise to accelerate pressing digital/tech goals.

If your organization falls under any of these three scenarios, you have an opportunity to hire faster and smarter with contract talent:

Final Thoughts

In a fast-paced tech world, organizations should be prioritizing their ability to go-to market faster in efforts to increase ROI. And by adopting a flexible workforce model, companies are able to interview and onboard contractors much faster than FTE talent.

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