We are seeking a Business Process Analyst with a healthcare or health plan background to join our team. This role is critical in understanding and documenting the current state of processes, identifying defects, and drafting future state documentation for proposed solutions. The ideal candidate will be adept at performing data analysis, facilitating stakeholder meetings, and developing a roadmap for the implementation phase. Utilizing Six Sigma methodologies, the Business Process Improvement Analyst will play a key role in enhancing our operational efficiency and delivering substantial business value through process optimization.


  • Understand and document current processes, including inputs, outputs, owners, and defects, through detailed process maps.
  • Facilitate meetings with stakeholders to validate current processes and identify defects.
  • Perform data analysis to define and validate defects, contributing to the development of future state documentation based on proposed solutions.
  • Document findings and conclusions, along with proposed mitigations, to develop a comprehensive roadmap for the implementation phase.
  • Utilize Six Sigma tools (e.g., SIPOC, Process Mapping, FMEA, Pareto Charts, Control Charts) to analyze and improve processes.
  • Manage multiple workstreams and ensure rapid delivery of project deliverables within tight timelines.
  • Build synergies across workstreams to synthesize big picture conclusions and recommendations.


  • Preferred background in healthcare/health plan with an emphasis on provider data management.
  • Experience with the application of Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Experience in developing PowerPoint presentations and proficient in Microsoft Office Excel, including creating complex formulas, conditional formatting, and Pivot Tables.
  • Proficient in facilitating discussions among stakeholders from various domains.
  • Capable of performing Level 3-4 business process mapping.


  • Strong data analysis and presentation skills.
  • Ability to manage several workstreams and deliver rapidly on project timelines.
  • Quick learner with the capacity to drive forward assessment deliverables independently.
  • Ability to critically analyze processes and synthesize information to provide clear and actionable insights.
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to clearly articulate process documentation and data analysis findings.


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  • Q: What are the primary responsibilities of Business Process Analyst role?
    • A: Primary responsibilities include understanding and documenting current processes, facilitating stakeholder meetings, performing data analysis, documenting findings, utilizing Six Sigma tools, managing multiple workstreams, and synthesizing conclusions and recommendations.
  • Q: What qualifications are required for the position as Business Process Analyst?
    • A: Qualifications include a background in healthcare/health plan, experience with Six Sigma methodologies, proficiency in Microsoft Office Excel, experience in facilitating discussions among stakeholders, and strong data analysis and presentation skills.
  • Q: What opportunities does Business Process Analyst offer?
    • A: This role offers the opportunity to play a critical role in process optimization within the healthcare sector. It allows for the application of Six Sigma methodologies to enhance operational efficiency and deliver substantial business value. Ideal for candidates seeking to make a significant impact in healthcare process improvement.

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