There are more than 10 million nonprofit organizations that exist worldwide. From fighting world hunger to medical research, all nonprofits better their respective communities in one way or another—and it takes a village of dedicated and passionate individuals to create these much-needed changes.  

Nonprofit organizations employ about 12.3 million people in the United States, accounting for about 10% of the country’s employed citizens. While these numbers prove the importance of nonprofits in our workforce, staffing for non-profits is becoming more challenging with the competitive talent market today.  

At Curate Partners, we make it part of our mission to help staff nonprofits as part of our effort to support the communities we work in. 

Our work with Pan-Mass Challenge:

We saw the power of working with nonprofits first-hand when we joined forces with Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC). The Massachusetts-based bike-a-thon raises funds for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute every year. Known as the country’s highest-grossing single athletic fundraising event, PMC aspires to aid doctors and cancer researchers in their fight for a cure. Since its inception almost 40 years ago, PMC has donated $1 billion to the cause. 

While PMC made great strides on its own, they were facing challenges building out their digital infrastructure. There is much more to scaling a nonprofit than inspiring supporters to reach for their wallets. This is only half the battle; the other half is hiring passionate employees who can support the organization from all angles to amplify their digital presence. And this is where Curate Partners saw a chance to step up and help out 

To build their team for future success, we aided PMC in their search to find their next Director of Digital IT. Finding the perfect fit for this position was more important than making a sale; We wanted to be a small factor in helping them double their donations in the next decade. Our founder Dan Foley, says it best in his LinkedIn post about our partnership 

“In an effort to give back, I am eager and honored to announce that Curate Partners is teaming up with the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) to find their next Director of Digital IT. This is a pro-bono executive search that we are doing to help raise awareness for the cause while also tapping into our incredible network of tech professionals as we look for their purple squirrel!” 

This job post received a ton of engagement. Which, in the end, raised more awareness for the cause and inspired people to apply for the job. Our public search also inspired our network to show their support on social media. With almost 300 reactions and many comments from industry professionals, our transparent staffing strategy and network of IT leaders helped us find PMC’s passionate new leader, Jennifer Schachter. 

We are eager to watch her success unfold as she builds digital experiences across many user spectrums; from riders to their donors, to the volunteers, all the sponsors and everyone who makes the PMC a success! 

To learn more about the PanMass Challenge, click here.

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