Digital Transformation and Technology Innovation Agency Adds New Managing Partner.

Curate Partners, a digital transformation and technology innovation provider, announced their plan to expand operations today with the selection of Nate Kamp as the company’s new Managing Partner of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Mr. Kamp brings 13 years of experience in talent management within the region, including work on behalf of some of the largest technology staffing firms in the world. Throughout his career, Kamp has worked with clients undergoing business and technology transformation in the recruitment of technology consultants to support growing public sector and commercial teams. Kamp has also had a long history with the founders of Curate Partners, having successfully built the metro D.C. market together at a previous firm.

“We are excited that Nate Kamp will lead our expansion into the Mid-Atlantic region,” said Sean Brady, COO & Founding Partner, Curate Partners. “As we bring our change management solutions to support new clients and new markets, his character, values, work ethic, and wealth of experience in the market make him the right leader for our growing organization.”

As companies and organizations change the way they do business through digital transformation and technology innovation, Curate is bridging the talent gap with its dedication to building quality relationships and providing best-in-class talent. The company works with a diverse set of the most innovative companies, from healthcare to financial sectors and throughout the technology field.

“The Mid-Atlantic region has welcomed the expansion of some of the country’s largest tech firms over the last few years. This is driven by the growth of digital transformation within the public and private sectors, and the wealth of high-class talent in the area,” said Nate Kamp, Managing Partner of the Mid-Atlantic Region, Curate Partners. “The expansion is causing a disruption in the talent pool and a real need for agencies like Curate. We excel in developing a high-quality digital workforce in order to help organizations that are struggling to connect with the talent they need.”

Curate specializes in retained, project teams, and contract work in the areas of digital strategy and technology, customer experience, data analysis, marketing, mobile, development, and cloud computing. The Boston-based company has achieved numerous awards in its history including the Boston Business Journal #1 Fastest Growing Private Company in Massachusetts (2018), Inc5000 #20 Fastest Growing Private Company in the US (2018), and Inc Magazine Best Place to Work (2019).

“Curate’s expansion into the Mid-Atlantic will make an immediate positive impact on the digital talent management industry,” said Kamp. “We understand that traditional recruiting methods don’t work for today’s tech workforce and we are focused on innovative ways to identify hard to find talent and connect them with our clients.”