CX Measurement & VOC

The Objective

Establish a measurable and sustainable customer experience (CX) program to improve customer satisfaction and key CX metrics across a mid-size enterprise.

Our Approach

Prioritizing Customer Needs: Our Step-by-Step Approach to CX Optimization:


Collect CX data & SMEs from the enterprise to a single source of truth


Reveal the root cause by understanding user behaviors

Design & Test

Implement corrective actions with cross-functional agile teams


Continuous loop of active & passive feedback to re-evaluate the results

CX Measurement & VOC
Driving Continuous Improvement Through Data & Collaboration
  • Implemented data and analytics platform with governance to accurately measure and report CSAT, FCOR, NPS, etc.
  • Established roles & responsibilities, enterprise-wide shared knowledge library, research sprints feed product backlog, and continuous reporting back to CX of product backlog status

The Outcomes

Baseline CX measurements improved across all channels within 3 months first product launched in new workflow
Increased team efficiency across 3 organizations within the enterprise by eliminating redundant workflows and increasing knowledge sharing opportunities.