Our Approach

healthcare data strategy
Creating a strong data strategy is vital in delivering exceptional healthcare solutions. Our primary focus is on the ‘Member 360 Record,’ facilitating smooth transitions from Commercial Health Plans to Medicare for those aged 60+. This record unlocks numerous possibilities for both Medicare and Commercial Health Plans, ensuring a consistent experience during this transition. Additionally, it enhances our Call Center and Omni-Channel Marketing, allowing us to personalize interactions and provide top-tier service, elevating member satisfaction.

The Outcomes

Onboarded Master Data Management Architect, Data Engineer to support Customer Data Platform Roll out.
Launched MMDM solution – mastering Medicare and Commercial member data.
Launched Member 360 Golden Record Customer Data Platform-focused key Marketing Omni Channel Personalization use cases first; as more customer interaction data became enabled new use cases were enabled like Real Time Customer Interaction & Messaging.​​
Accelerated delivery of Voice of Customer Data Streams for CX.​