Our Approach

healthcare innovation lab
By developing a Digital Innovation Lab, we addressed the challenges within the healthcare industry head-on. This dedicated space empowered the digital team to experiment, pilot, and prioritize innovative projects, ultimately enabling them to bring solutions to market more efficiently. We’re committed to reducing the barriers in healthcare, fostering creativity, and accelerating return on investment. With this strategic approach, we paved the way for a future where technology and healthcare seamlessly intersect, providing tangible benefits for both providers and patients alike.

The Outcomes

Onboarded 150+ digital resources over 12 months, supporting Woonsocket, RI; Hartford, CT; NY Metro; Boston, MA​​
Launched customer-focused mobile first capabilities; develop cutting edge digital and data services and personalization capabilities that offer an accessible and integrated pharmacy and health experience – ability to pilot, test and learn – fail fast fail cheap agile approach. ​
Accelerated development process through newly translated data and analytics - enabled Synthetic Data Sandbox for Testing.​