The Objective

To rapidly scale the workforce of a wealth tech software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup within a tight timeframe, enabling them to meet a critical implementation schedule required for a multi-million dollar customer contract, while maintaining and enhancing the company’s culture.

Our Approach

The Outcomes

World Class Workforce within 8 months
• Doubled the startup's team size without compromising candidate quality.

• Onboarded 208 employees, including 134 contractors and 74 permanent hires.

• Provided talent at various levels, including C-Level positions, project management, engineering and product roles.
Strong Company Culture
• Trained the internal recruiting team on best practices.

• Reduced the average hiring cycle for contractors from 3+ weeks to 1 week.

• Ensured consistent brand messaging and company culture for attracting future talent.
Unicorn Valuation Track:
• Met the critical MVP deadline, securing a $10 million monthly retainer.

• Spent $20 million on hiring while on track to earn $2 billion more in revenue.

• Positioned the startup towards a $1 billion unicorn valuation.