Mike Giglio

Managing Partner

Mike Giglio | Managing Partner | Woburn, MA

Throughout his two-decade career, Mike has dedicated himself to guiding professionals in the Digital and Technology sector to cultivate and advance their careers. His enthusiasm lies in not only securing the next job for individuals but in facilitating an environment where their skills can flourish. Collaborating seamlessly with his internal team, Mike ensures the recruiting process remains consistently responsive. His commitment to providing candid feedback and delivering the optimal experience is a hallmark of his approach.

With a robust background in building recruiting teams spanning 15 years, Mike champions the belief that people are the cornerstone of every endeavor. Entrusted with steering the strategic direction and fostering growth, his leadership ethos hinges on transparency. Recognizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, Mike values individual voices in crafting a unique narrative.

Beyond his professional commitments, Mike extends his passion for community development by collaborating with Dress for Success and PowerCorp, contributing to the enhancement of individuals’ interview skills. Additionally, he holds a special place for the Wonderfund, contributing annually to its cause.