Vijay Kukreja

Chief Consulting Officer

Vijay, a seasoned leader in innovation and transformation in healthcare and digital sectors, boasts an impressive career spanning over 25 years with esteemed organizations such as CVS Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, and Rapid7. His leadership in Consumer Experience, Digital Strategy, Product Development, Marketing, Technology, and Human-Centered Design has positively impacted millions of consumers in healthcare and retail.

In his multifaceted roles, Vijay has managed innovation labs, marketing and digital divisions/teams of various sizes, overseeing a diverse portfolio of medical, pharmacy, commerce, and retail digital products. He has been instrumental in talent acquisition, building centers of excellence, and leading Enterprise Applications. Responsible for aspects of new digital product development, Vijay has overseen competitive analysis, market launches, and government compliance. He has collaborated closely with business, strategy, planning, sales, marketing, finance and technology partners to create innovative products, omnichannel marketing strategies, and drive brand awareness.

At the forefront of data driven digital healthcare transformation, Vijay has championed patient-centric initiatives that have enhanced services for health plan members, providing real-time guidance to medical patients of commercial and Medicare plans. Through creative award winning digital solutions like the Digital Front Door (Mobile Apps, Web Portals) and Customer Service Live Chat, among others, he has helped organizations achieve significant savings in areas such as Paperless EOBs, Advanced Search, Plan Understanding, Virtual Care Navigation and Real-time Patient Engagement. These innovations have improved accessibility and efficiency in healthcare for millions of consumers. Vijay’s team played pivotal roles in large enterprise projects, such as the integration of Retail Pharmacy and PBM systems, leading to increased patient engagement, simplified access to patient records via API’s, meeting compliances like FHIR standards.

His patented inventions in areas like Mobile Submission of Pharmacy Insurance and Techniques for In-Store Prescription Notifications have not only revolutionized the pharmacy experience—saving patients millions of dollars and countless hours—but also driven high customer satisfaction for large healthcare brands. These innovations, including patents in Healthcare Data Fraud, Machine Learning and Blockchain, have catalyzed new industry-wide payer potential lines of business while adhering to legal and compliance norms.

A champion of collaboration, innovation, and growth, Vijay’s leadership philosophy emphasizes empowering teams, fostering creativity, and aligning organizational goals with compassionate human needs. His commitment to continuous learning, mentorship, community engagement, and the application of Human-Centered Design principles reflects his core values of helping patients and consumers live better lives. His strategic leadership in health and pharmacy, transparency-related decision support tools, and corporate committee participation demonstrates a leader driven by patient-centered growth and innovation. An active member of various committees and a mentor in corporate programs, Vijay’s professional journey is marked by his dedication to enhancing consumer experiences, building robust, success-driven teams, and contributing to the broader transformation of healthcare.

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