Breaking New Ground in Medicare CX

Introduction: The Evolution of a Revolution

Welcome to part three of our series exploring the transformative power of CRM and specialized consultancy in healthcare. Having explored the conceptual landscape and dived into a specific case study, we now journey into the inner workings of the CX track for this effort, where a cross-functional team from the healthcare payer organization and Curate Partners came together to revolutionize the Medicare experience through Human-Centered Design.

Setting the Stage

Imagine a vibrant, dynamic space buzzing with the electricity of new ideas—welcome to the payer organization’s Innovation Center. Here, a multidisciplinary team of Curate Partners Purple Squirrels, payer organization employees, UX designers, Salesforce experts, Business and Technology Leaders, Patients, and project managers came together to ideate, experiment, and transform the customer experience (CX) for Medicare business.

The Human-Centered Design Approach

Human-Centered Design (HCD) served as the guiding philosophy. Unlike traditional approaches that focus on system needs, HCD revolves around the end-user—patients in this case—and aims to understand their journey deeply. 

Research: Interviews and Surveys

The team conducted one-on-one interviews and developed surveys aimed at capturing the ‘Voice of the Customer.’ This initial research was pivotal in understanding what the patients truly valued and where their pain points lay.

Journey Mapping

Armed with qualitative and quantitative data, the team moved to journey mapping. This exercise revealed the entire patient lifecycle, from becoming aware of the Medicare plans available to post-treatment engagement.

Buyer Persona and Segmentation

Data coalesced into distinct buyer personas, which were then segmented based on several parameters like age, healthcare needs, and digital savviness. This segmentation helped in tailoring different services to different user groups.

Service Design and Workshops

Service Design workshops were held to align all touch points a patient would encounter. Workshops were highly interactive, featuring storyboarding sessions that visualized the entire patient experience.

UX Concepts and Designs

The UX team, enriched by the research and workshop findings, produced wireframes and prototypes, transforming conceptual ideas into actionable designs.

Outcome: An Exemplary Model for Medicare CX

The combined efforts materialized into a comprehensive CX strategy, tailor-made for Medicare patients. The innovation center, once just a space, became a crucible where ideas turned into solutions.

Metrics Speak: KPIs and Success

  • Improving Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Growing Customer Retention
  • Increasing Employee Satisfaction
Health Payer Customer Satisfaction

Linking it All Together: The Trilogy in Perspective

If parts one and two were about setting the stage and introducing the characters, part three is the triumphant climax. Where CRM systems provided the foundation and specialized teams built upon it, Human-Centered Design offered the finishing touches that transformed a service into an experience.

Conclusion: The Big Win

The journey through the Innovation CX track wasn’t just a win for the Medicare business team; it was a leap forward for patients and the healthcare industry at large. By focusing on Human-Centered Design, we didn’t just solve problems; we anticipated them, turning challenges into opportunities and skeptics into believers.

As the age wave continues to rise, this triad—of CRM, specialized consultancy, and Human-Centered Design—shows us that with the right approach and tools, we can ride this wave, not just with survival in mind, but with a vision to thrive. And in doing so, we redefine the journey of aging itself.

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Through Human-Centered Design, Curate Partners and the payer organization have proven that innovation is not a one-time event but an ongoing journey. As we continue to explore and expand, we’re paving the way for a healthcare experience that is not just efficient but empathetic, not just business-savvy but deeply human. And this is just the beginning.

The material and information contained in this resource is for general interest purposes only and is based on our experience; it does not constitute financial, legal, or investment advice.

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