We believe in the power of accurate data and the importance of establishing meaningful analytics that deliver actionable results.

We help organizations create the right data and insights through:

Solutions for Business & Platform Enablement

Data & Analytics Strategy

Curate connects your dots around Data Strategy by delivering Strategy Execution Roadmaps, Future State Architecture Planning, and Data & Analytics Operating Models, giving you a defined roadmap and framework to become a data-driven organization.

BI Modernization & Visualization

Business leaders expect critical insights to be available at their fingertips. Our experts adopt user-centered design principles for intuitive user experiences, ensure seamless integration of BI and machine learning tools, and model your data for enhanced data visualization. We create visually engaging and informative dashboards to support your data-driven decision-making.

Data Product Delivery

Curate's Data Product Approach emphasizes accelerated value delivery for your data products. We implement a structured Data Product Playbook for a consistent and repeatable process, culminating in the delivery of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) that bring immediate business value by illuminating bottom-line cost reductions, or showcasing revenue-generating analytic insights.

Advanced Analytics Acceleration

Curate accelerates your AI/ML capabilities by providing data science experts on demand to implement AI applications, products, and programs. Our Modernized Data Governance Framework further establishes robust modeling and operational practices for AI initiatives, ensuring you innovate with security, consistency, and safety.

Platform Enablement

Curate brings your data platforms to life to accelerate the curation of analytic insights. Our efforts are directed towards optimizing your platform architecture for data products. From implementing best-in-class tools for data engineering, ML Ops, and modern analytics; to enabling ETL and data transformation, our engineers ensure the long-term sustainability of your data platforms.

Adoption with Data Product Marketplace

Curate's Data Marketplace is an innovative software that promises the adoption of your data products. This platform-agnostic solution drives business usage for your trusted and certified datasets. Through a data community hub, modernized search functions, intuitive social interactivity features, self-service provisioning, analytic integrations and more, our Data Marketplace brings users to access and harness the power of data products.

What We Deliver

Our expertise spans the entire delivery lifecycle of data and analytic programs.

Key Differentiators

We take a use case approach to tackle data and analytics strategies and platform builds. This means we help identify gaps in an organization’s ability to realize tangible business value from their investments.
We deliver cohesive organizational operating models anchored in data and analytics. Without this, organizations lack visibility and understanding of the real outcomes of what they are trying to achieve.
We build on an organization’s major technology enablement projects that are already in-flight, including Cloud and MDM, to better align the data management process. This allows us to deliver data in a more effective and compliant manner.
In addition to critical strategizing and solutioning, we fill data and analytics expertise gaps on an organization’s team. This tactical element has helped organizations realize success faster through the execution of project plans.

Infinite Possibilities

Our approach to data, analytics and insights transcends tradition. We think without limitation – and that includes the way we approach clients across industries.
We believe in applying what we’ve learned by the challenge we’re solving for, not by the industry.

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Life Sciences


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How We Drive Meaningful Change

Align data and analytics to business strategy

Our first step is always to gain a critical understanding of an organization’s business strategy.

Design and build around business priorities

We then drive out the prioritization of key business and technical use cases through a focused data and analytics strategy. This informs the design and build of the right data and analytics foundations, operating models and change management approach.

Continuous learning and development

Tactical intake sessions and collaborative workshops allow us to better understand your business goals as well as the current state of your data and analytics capabilities. From there, we develop a plan to solve for your most pressing data and analytics challenges.

Data & Analytics Consulting