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We simplify the process and guide our clients to maximize their product development investments through Curate's Agile Accelerator. This offering differs from all others in that it is designed to deliver tangible business value throughout the transformation.
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The Agile Accelerator is designed to show measurable outcomes:

  • Predictable Costs
  • High NPS/CSAT
  • Positive User Experience
  • On Time Delivery
  • Accelerated Customer Adoption
  • High Employee Retention

Here’s How We Get You There Faster.

Choose from 1 of our 3 tailored packages.

Performance Assessment

A 3-Step Process:

1. Discover | Review the current state of Agile

2. Assess | Review the empirical data and evaluate the current culture

3. Recommend | Provide an actionable and realistic proposal for successful Agile change

Agile Advisory

The honest truth for leadership from a trusted and impartial advisor about your Agile transformation​.

Components of the Agile Advisory:

1. Observe the current direction

2. Communicate with leadership

3. Recommend strategic and tactical solutions

Agile Jump Start

Curate Partners will provide dedicated Agile Specialists to accelerate your transformation in simple, measurable phases:

1. Develop Agile strategy to match your evolving enterprise

2. Define the goals for both you and Curate team

3. Plan the implementation with leadership

4. Implement and adjust the plan to the needs of the environment

As an extension of our Agile offering, we’ve recorded and shared two webinar series led by Richard Lovell, our Agile Practice Lead.

Richard Lovell
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