Organizations across the globe are learning to adapt to the new norm, and yet despite the COVID-19 pandemic, some are able to continue the pace of business. In fact, many have been and will be hiring over the next few months.

As the U.S. Government mandates social distancing to combat the spread of coronavirus, technology within the workplace is more important now than ever. Virtual interviewing and hiring was on the rise even before the outbreak. Organizations have been utilizing live video conferencing and experienced several benefits relating to cost savings and quality of hires.

Learn more about the need for video interviewing and how companies are reaping the benefits:

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employees(NACE), the average recruiting teams time-to-hire hovers around 62 days.

That’s a long time, which is why video interviewing has become so popular. Anything can do to cut that time down in any way is seen as beneficial to interviewers and interviewees.

Benefits of video interviewing: 

  • Progressive Brand Image: In a competitive talent market companies need to promote themselves as a progressive organization. This will improve your employer image and give you an advantage in the market.
  • Better Quality: Video allows to you read facial expressions, tone of voice, personality, etc. This is especially helpful when analyzing soft skills for remote employees.
  • Streamlined Scheduling: With video, the screening process speeds up because hiring manager + candidates have more flexibility in their schedules since you are removing the commute. Plus if you record the interview, decision makers are able to review at convenient times.
  • Speed-to-hire: Live video interviewing reduces the time to hire for a company by 10% to 80% when compared to other traditional interviewing methods. You will eliminate waste time from bringing people to you for interviews.
  • Broadened candidate pool: video allows to you connect with even more qualified candidates all over the globe (perfect for remote roles or those looking to relocate). You’ll discover a broader pool of quality talent!
  • Cost savings: Save as much as 67% in travel costs. Video speeds up the recruitment process which means you won’t lost money on unfilled positions.

Final thoughts:

With more than 5 million jobs in technology expected to be added globally by 2027, time is everything if businesses want to get the best candidate out there.



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