We are Curate Partners – your supporter, advocate, and champion at every phase of your career journey.

Thanks to the Great Resignation, job seekers are more empowered than ever to make decisions about the way they want to work. At Curate Partners, we’re paying attention—listening to what job seekers want and checking the boxes to make sure our company is meeting those marks.

We’re building a team around a new era of workplace standards, one where employees work alongside a support system full of industry veterans as well as creative and collaborative peers. Our goal is to cultivate a team where each member is valued for the unique traits that make them great, and for their contribution to our multifaceted team.

Five Reasons You Should Work at Curate Partners

1. Our company culture—we put people first!

2. We believe in diversity and inclusion.

3. You are aligned with our Cur8—our core values.

4. We care—you’ve heard of CSR, but have you heard about Curate Cares?

5. The perks—there are so many perks, like unlimited PTO.

At Curate Partners, we excel not only at staffing other companies but at staffing internally. Our company culture is unmatched, and candidates—especially in sales—love the idea of operating your day-to-day as you wish within an organization. There are no boundaries. You know what makes you a successful salesperson. And at Curate, we aren’t going to stop you from what makes you successful. As an added bonus, you’ll have the support of marketing, operations, recruiting, admin, and executive leadership.

At Curate there is open territory for your account profiles and prospecting—no bureaucracies. Sales personnel have free range on where and what verticals they want to pursue, and they implement their go-to-market strategy themselves.

After all, at Curate, we place value on deep relations rather than on metrics.

Leverage your current professional relationships how you wish. Work with clients who are building cutting-edge technologies. And best of all? Your career path is unlimited; each employee chooses their own path, whether it’s industry-driven or a specialty.

You’re not hidden behind the phones, cold calling all day. At Curate Partners, you are in the field and get to work with decision-makers, impact leaders, and even C-suite-level executives.

Besides our top-notch culture, another standout at Curate is our perks. There’s the obvious career development plan and company trips, but we also offer unlimited PTO, a hybrid work model, an annual KPI bonus plan, fitness reimbursements, a savings plan with company matching, and even what we dub “Club Curate”—where top performers and nominated employees attend an all-inclusive destination trip.

And honestly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, if you think it’s time to curate your own career path, join us. We have openings in sales, agile solutions, accounting, and recruiting—and we’re excited to find more purple squirrels.

Want to stand out to us? Check out our internal job openings and apply today!

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