Dave Paglia

VP of Sales

Dave Paglia | Vice President of Sales | Southern CA

With over two decades of experience in the realms of Technology and Services, Dave specializes in sales and delivery at Curate Partners. His expertise lies in orchestrating project solutions within the domains of engineering, data analytics, and digital transformation. In his role as Vice President, Dave excels in the expansion of accounts, adeptly managing relationships, and providing strategic consulting on a global scale.

Dave is ardently dedicated to the principles of transparency, authenticity, and responsiveness. Recognizing these values as pivotal in constructing trust, nurturing genuine connections, and ensuring effective communication, he champions their integration into every facet of his professional endeavors.

Educational Background + Volunteering:

Dave holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and has completed multiple leadership training programs. Complementing his professional pursuits, he has also contributed to philanthropic initiatives, volunteering with organizations such as Ice Hockey In Harlem, Mariners Elementary SSC, and WisePlace.