Opportunity Details

Job Description:
•Understand and document Current state; Inputs, Outputs, Owners, Defects through process maps.
•Facilitate meetings with Stakeholders to validate and identify defects.
•Perform data analysis to define and validate defects
•Draft future state documentation per proposed solutions
•Document findings and conclusions, with proposed mitigations to develop roadmap of implementation phase

Role Requirements: 

•Healthcare/Health Plan background preferred
•Provider data (management) subject matter expertise preferred
•Experienced with application of six sigma methodologies

•Data analysis and presentation
•Facilitation of cross domain stakeholders
•Level 3-4 business process mapping
•Development of PowerPoint and presentation
•Highly Proficient in Microsoft Office Excel; experience creating complex formulas, using conditional formatting, and creating Pivot Tables
•Utilize six sigma tools, including but not limited to; SIPOC, Process Mapping, FMEA, Pareto Charts, Control Charts

•Manage several workstreams and rapid deliverable timelines
•Drive forward assessment deliverables within timelines
•Learn quickly, and independently
•Build synergies across workstreams to bring together big picture conclusions
•Critically think through processes, to gain knowledge of details relevant to assessment
•Clearly tell a story through process documentation and data analysis 

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