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Driving Marketing Growth with Curate

Our strategic consulting services empower you with a clear roadmap and expert guidance to achieve your B2B marketing goals. We bring expertise to unify your strategy, optimize your tech for results, and support your team’s success. This translates to measurable growth, a more engaged customer base, and a high-performing team that thrives.
Our service offering:

Marketing Innovation with Generative AI

Our experts will help you navigate and leverage this powerful technology to create more engaging content, deliver personalized experiences, and drive better business results.


We immerse ourselves in your business, understanding your unique goals, challenges, and opportunities


Armed with insights, we craft a tailored marketing roadmap that aligns with your specific business objectives


We bring your strategy to life through data-driven campaigns, engaging content, & optimized tech solutions.


We believe in continuous improvement through ongoing tracking and analysis.

Our Service Offering

We believe that by placing your customer at the core and having a deep understanding of your business we can design engaging products and services that will boost your customer loyalty and ultimately drive business

Marketing Consulting & Execution

Successful design lives from a deep understanding of your business and a clear strategy.

Digital Marketing Operations

Through qualitative and quantitive research we identify the needs and motivations of your customers.

Training & Custom Learning Solutions

We bring your insights and strategy into compelling and engaging customer experiences.

Specialized Marketing Staffing & Expertise

We will help you create a distinctive and memorable brand that resonates with your target audience.

Generative AI for Marketers

We will help you create a distinctive and memorable brand that resonates with your target audience.

Comprehensive Marketing Consulting & Execution

We align your marketing to meet customers where they are in their journey with you.

Our Marketing consulting services empower you with a clear roadmap and expert guidance to achieve your business goals. Our team also helps execute on the roadmap and visions.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning: Data-driven, tailored to your unique goals and audience. Clear roadmap for achieving measurable results.
  • Demand Generation & Lead Nurturing: Collaboration with your team to create engaging content and marketing campaigns. Attract, nurture, and convert high-quality leads.
  • SEO Content Marketing & Thought Leadership: Partner with your creative team to develop compelling content for SEO Engine Optimization. Establish your brand as an industry leader in Social Media Marketing.
  • Derivative Content & Tools:: Create interactive lead-generating tools to engage and inform.
Customer Experience Strategy
Operational efficiency & data analytics

Expert Guidance & Seamless Marketing Operations

We optimize your ability to target customers with engaging & memorable digital interactions with marketing and sales.

Our Internet Marketing consulting services empower you with a clear roadmap and expert guidance to achieve your business goals. Our team also helps execute on the roadmap and visions.

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Identify and target key accounts with personalized campaigns
  • Marketing Analytics & Reporting: Track and measure every aspect of your marketing performance. Gain insights for continuous optimization.
  • Automation & MarTech Optimization: Assess and optimize your technology for efficiency and ROI. Support with email automation, Facebook Advertising Management and MarTech integrations.
  • Marketing AI POV & Chatbot Engagement: Assess and help your technology teams with GenAI Excellence. Support Learning and Rollout of GenAI Tools & Technologies for Marketers.

Training & Custom Learning Solutions

We train you how to continuously fuel Digital Marketing growth with data-driven strategies, and manage cutting-edge technologies to drive success.

Our goal is to define expectations for your employees and provide the knowledge, skills, and tools to create positive interactions with customers and enhances their overall satisfaction with your brand.

  • Learning Objectives & Measurement: Meet employees where they are, we tailor the training to be relevant and actionable across all roles. Regularly review learner feedback and update trainings to stay relevant.
  • Knowledge Hub: Provide prerequisite knowledge on Market Research & Analysis, Persona Creation & Journey Mapping, and company tools to reinforce learning.
  • Tools & Integration: Transform the way your organization works with Marketing Automation Platforms, CRM Integration, and Web Analytics & reporting, and more
  • Marketing Best Practices: Supportive cultures and policies to empower employees to uphold and evolve the standards set for Content Creation & Distribution, Social Media & Advertising, and AEO, SEO & SEM (Paid Media)
Customer Experience Strategy
Operational efficiency & data analytics

Specialized Global Marketing 24/7

We integrate with your team to guide you through transforming your Marketing organization.

Our specialized staffing solutions provide you with the right talent, at the right time, to drive your marketing initiatives forward.
We offer a dedicated marketing team, on-demand, and staffed by Purple Squirrels; our dynamic innovation drivers with unique skills who serve as a catalysts for change. This exceptional talent brings unconventional expertise, innovation, and a transformative mindset, driving the success of complex projects.

  • Deep Industry Knowledge: Experts available in all industries including healthcare, FinTech, B2B, SaaS, B2C, and B2B2C
  • Specialized Marketing Talent Pod: Niche expertise in marketing strategy, email marketing, Google Search Engine Optimization, demand-generation, operations & automation, data analysis & marketing science, technology platforms, and GenAI tools
  • Purple Squirrel recruiting: Customized packages for clients including contract, contract-to-hire, perm, and project teams/pods
  • Hybrid Model: 24/7 global pods of onshore, offshore and project-based resource solutions

Generative AI for Marketers

We We harness the innovative power of AI to deliver exceptional results for your marketing transformation goals.

Our goal is to deliver a suite of AI tools that best meets the needs of our clients.

  • Enhance Content Creation: Generate high-quality blogs, articles, social media content, etc. in a fraction of the time. Craft compelling marketing copy that resonates with your target audience. Personalize content at scale for greater engagement and conversion.
  • Transform Visual Assets: Create stunning images and videos for your campaigns and websites. Generate product demos, explainer videos and social media assets. Customize visuals for different channels and audiences.
  • Improve Customer Experiences: Develop AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants to provide instant support and personalized recommendations. Analyze customer data to uncover insights and predict behavior, enabling more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.
Customer Experience Strategy

Our Subject Matter Experts are here to help you

Vijay Kukreja

Chief Consulting Officer

Strategic visionary with 25 years of experience, innovation in healthcare technology, crafting solutions in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C strategies that meet unique challenges. Proven track record in leadership by spearheading initiatives with an agile approach, driving growth and digital transformation at CVS Health Pharmacy & Retail, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Rapid 7.
Trusted by organizations of all sizes:

Client Success Stories

Client Success: Medicare Shopping Journey

Medicare Shopping Journey

A mid-size health plan sought to increase Medicare AEP plan enrollment & decrease overall issues on the website resulting in a high abandonment rate.

Optimizing Online Retail with E-commerce Focused CMS: Curate Partners' Expertise

B2B Lead Gen & Growth

A global enterprise struggled to increase lead-gen and conversions to sales for their B2B products from their marketing and digital website experiences.

innovation lab healthcare

Healthcare Innovation Lab

A large corporation struggled to define a process that would increase speed-to-market and ROI of innovative, valuable, products to customers.

CX Measurement & VOC

CX Measurement & VoC

Establish a measurable and sustainable customer experience (CX) program to improve customer satisfaction and key CX metrics across a mid-size enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing consulting offers expert advice and planning. It helps improve digital marketing strategy, content marketing, SEO optimization, and social media marketing. These services boost growth, loyalty, and revenue.
Generative AI creates personalized content and automates tasks. It enhances SEO and delivers better customer experiences with AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants. This boosts engagement and conversions. Generative AI tools also generate blogs and social media content and personalize email marketing campaigns.
We offer SEO services, email marketing, social media advertising, and content marketing. Our plans are tailored to your needs. We provide automation and MarTech optimization for efficiency and ROI.
SEO services improve your site’s search engine visibility. This increases organic traffic and brand awareness. Our SEO services include website SEO optimization, link building, and SEO content writing. We help you attract quality leads and become an industry leader.
Our content marketing strategy involves creating high-quality content. It’s optimized for SEO and shared on various platforms. This includes blog posts, social media content, and email marketing campaigns. We aim to engage your audience, boost loyalty, and drive conversions.
We use AI to tailor email marketing campaigns. This includes optimizing email subject lines, generating personalized email content, and automating email sequences. Our method ensures higher open rates and conversions.
Account-Based Marketing (ABM) targets key accounts with personalized marketing campaigns. This strategy attracts high-value customers, leading to better conversions and increased revenue. Our ABM services include custom campaigns, data analysis, and marketing automation.
We provide training to improve digital marketing skills. Programs are tailored to your team. We enhance skills in SEO, content marketing, and social media advertising.

We provide marketing staffing solutions tailored to your needs. This includes experts in SEO, content marketing, and email marketing. Options include contract, contract-to-hire, permanent, and project-based.

Marketing analytics and reporting track your marketing campaigns. This data helps optimize your strategies. Our services include comprehensive analytics and regular reporting to improve your marketing ROI.

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